Nintendo’s legal case against Switch-emulator Yuzu

Nintendo's watchful eye on emulators and fan projects

Nintendo is suing the developers of Nintendo Switch emulator Yuzu, alleging “facilitating piracy at a colossal scale” and requesting the court shut them down. Nintendo’s legal actions against emulator projects, particularly Yuzu, a Switch emulator, have sparked significant discussions in the gaming and legal communities. This is a decently intricate legal skirmish, with implications for … Read more

Retro Gaming News Roundup: February 2024

Retro gaming news Feb 2024

The realm of retro gaming is experiencing a vibrant resurgence, capturing the hearts of both nostalgic gamers and new enthusiasts alike. From groundbreaking announcements to intriguing developments, the retro gaming world is buzzing with excitement. Here’s a deep dive into the latest news topics that are currently shaping the landscape of retro gaming. Key Takeaways … Read more

Portal 64 Shut Down By Valve

Portal 64 demake

The gaming world was recently abuzz with the ambitious project known as Portal 64, a fan-made venture that sought to port Valve’s iconic game “Portal” to the nostalgic Nintendo 64 console. Spearheaded by indie developer James Lambert, the project promised to be a remarkable blend of retro gaming and modern programming innovation. However, the endeavor … Read more

Retro Gaming News December 2023

Retro Gaming News December 2023

Sega’s Retro Revival Expanded In a significant announcement that has stirred excitement among retro gaming enthusiasts, Sega revealed its plans to reboot several classic franchises, demonstrating a robust commitment to its retro roots. This move, unveiled at the Game Awards, marks a significant stride in bringing beloved retro titles back into the spotlight for a … Read more

Retro Gaming News November 2023

Atari 7800 Game Drive

From firmware upgrades to new hardware releases, the nostalgia-driven gaming sphere continues to thrive and expand. 1. Atari 7800 Game Drive Firmware UpdateThe iconic Atari 7800 Game Drive received a significant firmware update, revitalizing the classic gaming experience for enthusiasts. This upgrade is a game-changer for those who cherish the Atari 7800 titles, bringing enhancements … Read more