Nintendo’s Dark History of Legal Actions against Emulators, Modders, and Fan Projects

Nintendo, a name synonymous with childhood memories, late-night gaming sessions, and characters like Mario, Link, and Samus. From the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) to the Switch, this industry titan has maintained its position through innovation, creativity, and an unwavering dedication to their intellectual property. Let’s dig deeper into this complex landscape, exploring Nintendo’s history of … Read more

A Timeless Journey through the Algol Star System: Master System Classic Phantasy Star

Phantasy star box art

Introduction: ‘Phantasy Star,’ released in 1987 for the Sega Master System, is a groundbreaking role-playing game (RPG) that laid the foundation for many modern RPGs. Developed by Sega, it was one of the first console RPGs to feature a science-fiction setting, blending both fantasy and futuristic elements. This in-depth review will explore the game’s story, … Read more

Sega Mega Drive Mini 2 Review

The Sega Mega Drive was a revolutionary gaming console that captured the hearts of gamers around the world when it was released in 1988. With its 16-bit graphics, fast-paced gameplay, and an extensive library of games, the Sega Mega Drive became an instant classic, paving the way for a new era of gaming. And now, … Read more

Marshall Phone Looks and Sounds Like Their Iconic Guitar Amps

Marshall 'London' Smartphone

Marshall – the British makers of what would have to be the world’s most famous guitar amplifiers (for the non musical readers, that’s the stacked up grey boxes at the back of Guns ‘n Roses music videos) – have come completely out of left field and released a smartphone. It’s called ‘London’, and like most … Read more

TTR-SB Seawolf GoPro Submarine

Strapping a trusty GoPro to the nearest handy drone has allowed us to capture vistas from the sky, experience the Star-Wars-Speeder-esque excitement of FPV flying, and if the damn thing wasn’t so noisy, it probably would allow the adolescent wish fulfillment of peeping through an upstairs window to catch an attractive neighbour in all sorts … Read more

It’s Finally Happening – Lexus Have Made a Functional Hoverboard

Finally we can retire the shitty Back to the Future memes and clickbait Facebook shares, the hoverboard is becoming a reality. Lexus, Toyota Japan’s luxury vehicle arm, have unveiled a working prototype of a functional hoverboard. It’s real, it (allegedly) works, but it’s not available for sale… yet. Using the same technology as the magnetic … Read more

Those Wafer Thin Sony 4K TVs are Finally Dropping in July

sony x900c

After a promised spring release that has come and gone and left me daily staring morosely at my overweight, tub of lard, queen of the sea-cows, fatty fat fatterson flatscreen (flatscreen? more like FATSCREEN) TV and dreaming of slimmer horizons, Sony has finally set the release for the X900C and X910C for July of 2015. … Read more

Playstation 4 Gets 1 Terabyte Upgrade

Hot on the heels of last week’s announcement of the new XBox One package, (featuring a new redesigned controller and 1tb of storage), Sony has launched their answer barrage – a similarly upgraded PlayStation 4 now with 1tb of storage, a case redesign, and a reported lower power consumption.

The Ultimate Player Edition Playstation 4 features a matte finish casing on the hard drive bay, in order to make the console look ‘more casual’ (Sony’s words), and comes in both black and white variants.

In addition to the doubled hard drive space, technological improvements include a 10 percent weight reduction and a new PSU that will reportedly consume 8 percent less power than the current model.

The casual Not as Shiny Edition (ahem, Ultimate Player Edition) will be released in Japan by the end of June, and the rest of the known universe by mid July.