TTR-SB Seawolf GoPro Submarine

Strapping a trusty GoPro to the nearest handy drone has allowed us to capture vistas from the sky, experience the Star-Wars-Speeder-esque excitement of FPV flying, and if the damn thing wasn’t so noisy, it probably would allow the adolescent wish fulfillment of peeping through an upstairs window to catch an attractive neighbour in all sorts of states of undress.

Hopefully you, like me, are grown-ass adults content with just the thought of what a teenage version of your would have done given the technology, and decidedly not fulfilling the latter – instead, like me again, contenting yourself with chasing the cat around in glorious, staticy FPV.

But now with the opportunities flight presents decidedly done and by now old hat, what’s the next frontier for FPV? What about, as Jules Verne might have capitulated – under the sea?

Now with the TTR-SB Seawolf GoPro Submarine from TTRobotix, you can expand your unmanned explorations to just that watery arena.

The Seawolf is a sleek, dayglo orange submersible with a gopro enclosure, powered by a pump-drive ballast system, and is remote controlled.

Equipped with a large capacity 5,000mAh battery, the Seawolf boasts 50 minutes of run time (eat that, quadcopters) and allows exploration of the depths down to 33 feet, and cruises along at around 2 miles an hour.

The Seawolf is compatible with the GoPro Hero 3 and Hero 4 cameras.

On release in August, the TTR-SB Seawolf will be available in a variety of configurations, including options with wireless and cabled remote controls, options for streaming video to your phone or to an included 8inch screen, and optional cases and accessories.

Pricing is likely to be $999 for the base model and inclusions, and upward from there.