How to Change Icons in OSX – It’s Easy as Cut and Paste

Changing your an icon for any folder, file or drive in OSX is extremely easy, but not very well documented. If you know how to cut and paste, you can change your icon image in seconds. Here’s how to do it:

1. Find and download the icon you’d like to use. I found a set of sweet Star Wars icons online for free by just searching for ‘OSX icons Star Wars’ in google.

2. Go to your downloads folder (or wherever you downloaded your icon file to) highlight the file by clicking it once, and copy it with CMD + C.

select the icon

3. Navigate to the folder whose icon you’d like to change (in my case it’s gonna be ‘Macintosh HD’, my system drive), right click and select ‘Get Info’. You can also just hit CMD + I on the keyboard.

4. On the ‘Get Info’ screen, theres a little picture of the current icon in the top left hand corner. Click on it and you’ll see it become highlighted.

highlight the icon

5. Hit CMD + V to paste in your new icon. Voila! Your boring old HDD icon is now Boba Fett, Vader, or whatever sweet icon image your heart desires.