Nintendo 64 Peripherals Explored

N64 peripherals

The Nintendo 64, a hallmark of 90s gaming culture, is revered not just for its iconic games but also for the innovative peripherals that accompanied it. While most gamers are familiar with the standard controller and perhaps the Rumble Pak, there’s a treasure trove of lesser-known accessories that added depth and variety to the gaming … Read more

What Is Mode 7 in SNES Games and Why Was It Revolutionary?

SNES Mode 7

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), introduced in the 1990s, marked a pivotal moment in the world of video gaming. This era was not just about the transition from 8-bit to 16-bit graphics; it was a period that witnessed substantial leaps in gaming technology, storytelling, and interactive design. Among the myriad of innovations introduced during … Read more

A Retrospective on FMV Games of the ’90s

Night Trap Sega CD Cover art

The Dawn of a New Era in Gaming The 1990s marked a revolutionary era in the world of video games, a time when Full Motion Video (FMV) games began to emerge, promising a future where gaming and cinema merged into one immersive experience. FMV games, with their use of recorded live-action sequences, offered a novel … Read more

Why Did 3DO Fail to Capture the Market?

Panasonic 3DO Console

The 3DO Interactive Multiplayer, a product of visionary ambition in the gaming industry, was launched in 1993 as the world’s first 32-bit console. This pioneering device was the brainchild of Trip Hawkins, the founder of Electronic Arts, and was developed by The 3DO Company, a consortium that included heavyweights like Electronic Arts, AT&T, and Panasonic. … Read more

Iconic Cheat Codes: The Legacy of the Konami Code

The Konami Code

Key Takeaways Aspect Details Origin Created by Kazuhisa Hashimoto in Gradius for NES (1986) Breakthrough Game Gained fame in Contra (NES), offering 30 extra lives Impact on Other Games Over 100 games feature the code, transcending its initial purpose Cultural Influence Referenced in movies, TV shows, and digital platforms like Reddit and Facebook Influence on … Read more

The Role of Shareware in the Success of Doom and Quake

Doom shareware

Doom’s release in 1993 was a watershed moment in gaming history. The game’s innovative use of 3D graphics, immersive gameplay, and ground-breaking technology set new standards in the industry. However, it was the strategic use of shareware that truly catapulted Doom to unprecedented levels of popularity and influence. A Brief History of Shareware Shareware, a … Read more

How Did Video Game Arcades Make Money?

How did arcades make money?

From the early beginnings in the 1970s to their peak in the 1980s and beyond, video game arcades were not just hubs of entertainment but also fascinating business ventures. This article explores the question: How did video game arcades make money during their heyday? Key Takeaways Era Detail 1970s-1980s Prime years of arcade gaming Revenue … Read more

Forgotten Franchises: A Look at Sega’s ‘Alex Kidd’

Alex Kidd

Key Takeaways Aspect Detail Creation Born from an action RPG prototype, transformed into a platformer Design Influence Inspired by ‘Star Wars’, designed by Rieko Kodama Mascot Evolution From Professor Asobin to Opa Opa, finally Alex Kidd Game Releases 6 games from 1986-1990, plus a remake in 2021 Legacy Cultural icon, especially cherished in Brazil Before … Read more

From CRT to LCD: How Display Tech Affected Gameplay


The evolution of display technology, particularly the transition from CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) to LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) monitors, has significantly influenced the gaming world. This article delves into the impact of these technologies on gameplay, highlighting the changes in gaming experiences and preferences over time. Key Takeaways Aspect CRT Monitors LCD Monitors Image Quality … Read more

The Evolution of Nintendo Controller Ergonomics: From NES to Gamecube

Nintendo controller ergonomics

Understanding the NES Controller’s Design The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) is more than just a console; it represents a foundational moment in gaming history. When it debuted in the 1980s, it brought with it a controller that would set a standard for generations to come. This controller, though simplistic by today’s standards, was revolutionary in … Read more