Marmalade Raspberry Pi OS adds Speed, Visual Flair, and GPIO Graphical Interface

User jacksparrow has posted an interesting project over on the forums, a new operating system designed for a simple, pretty and elegant user experience on the Raspberry Pi. This was posted a couple of months ago now but was only recently brought to my attention, which means hopefully these dudes aren’t too far away from … Read more

Google Chromecast – Better than Airplay for 35 Bucks

Google Chromecast Dongle

Now that we have access via the intertubes to a plethora of HD media, be it via Netflix, iTunes, Youtube, or your own downloaded video files stored locally, it’s become more apparent than ever that your computer, or even your mobile device, is not the best appliance to view these materials on. That’s not to … Read more

Raspberry Pi DIY Camera Board Case

Raspberry Pi Camera Case from SD card case

Soon after the Raspberry Pi popped up last year, the first homebrewed cases began to appear around the web, stirring the imagination of the community as people began to deck out their naked, fragile, babby computer in a variety of protective and stylish housings. Lego, mint tins, polished wood, plexiglass and 3D printed boxes comprised … Read more

CreepyDOL and F-BOMBs – Distributed Raspberry (s)Pis that can Track your Every Move.


No, this isn’t about a foul mouthed Chucky doll with a stalking complex. The ‘Creepy Distributed Object Locator’, or CreepyDOL for short, is a device cobbled together from a Raspberry Pi Model A, a USB hub and a couple of wifi dongles (housed in a non-descript case, the creator calls these F-BOMBs, or Falling Ballistically … Read more

Rasperry Pi Microwave Talks, Scans and Tweets While Doing Your Bidding in the Kitchen

Inspired by a Reddit post, Web developer Nathan Broadbent has used a Raspberry Pi to create the “Raspberry Picrowave”, a hacked microwave that can be controlled from the web, controlled using voice commands, access from mobile devices, and does away with all the useless standard microwave functions for more relevant and useful ones, using a … Read more