Those Wafer Thin Sony 4K TVs are Finally Dropping in July

sony x900c

After a promised spring release that has come and gone and left me daily staring morosely at my overweight, tub of lard, queen of the sea-cows, fatty fat fatterson flatscreen (flatscreen? more like FATSCREEN) TV and dreaming of slimmer horizons, Sony has finally set the release for the X900C and X910C for July of 2015. … Read more

Playstation 4 Gets 1 Terabyte Upgrade

Hot on the heels of last week’s announcement of the new XBox One package, (featuring a new redesigned controller and 1tb of storage), Sony has launched their answer barrage – a similarly upgraded PlayStation 4 now with 1tb of storage, a case redesign, and a reported lower power consumption.

The Ultimate Player Edition Playstation 4 features a matte finish casing on the hard drive bay, in order to make the console look ‘more casual’ (Sony’s words), and comes in both black and white variants.

In addition to the doubled hard drive space, technological improvements include a 10 percent weight reduction and a new PSU that will reportedly consume 8 percent less power than the current model.

The casual Not as Shiny Edition (ahem, Ultimate Player Edition) will be released in Japan by the end of June, and the rest of the known universe by mid July.



The Millionth Raspberry Pi Produced in the UK

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has just announced that the millionth Raspberry Pi Computer has been birthed at its UK production facility – Sony’s Pencoed factory in South Wales. This is a huge milestone not just for the Raspberry Pi foundation, but also for the feasibility of quality tech manufacturing in the UK – something that … Read more

Raspberry Pi Bitcoin Briefcase – Convert Your Spare Change to Internet Money

Bitcoin Briefcase

Bitcoins. I don’t have any, and chances are you don’t either. Chances are equally good that both you and I have no need to buy fake IDs or dank buds online, and these two factors are conditionally related. However, despite the fact that they haven’t really caught on in a huge way yet, Bitcoins are … Read more

Streaming Internet Radio Devices using The Raspberry Pi

One huge contributor to the Raspberry Pi’s huge popularity would have to be its extreme aptitude in handling streaming media. Despite being relatively low powered (although, for 35 bucks it’s hard to complain!) in the CPU and ram stakes, it handles high definition video like an absolute champ, and this has led to a proliferation … Read more

Marmalade Raspberry Pi OS adds Speed, Visual Flair, and GPIO Graphical Interface

User jacksparrow has posted an interesting project over on the forums, a new operating system designed for a simple, pretty and elegant user experience on the Raspberry Pi. This was posted a couple of months ago now but was only recently brought to my attention, which means hopefully these dudes aren’t too far away from … Read more

Google Chromecast – Better than Airplay for 35 Bucks

Google Chromecast Dongle

Now that we have access via the intertubes to a plethora of HD media, be it via Netflix, iTunes, Youtube, or your own downloaded video files stored locally, it’s become more apparent than ever that your computer, or even your mobile device, is not the best appliance to view these materials on. That’s not to … Read more

Raspberry Pi DIY Camera Board Case

Raspberry Pi Camera Case from SD card case

Soon after the Raspberry Pi popped up last year, the first homebrewed cases began to appear around the web, stirring the imagination of the community as people began to deck out their naked, fragile, babby computer in a variety of protective and stylish housings. Lego, mint tins, polished wood, plexiglass and 3D printed boxes comprised … Read more

CreepyDOL and F-BOMBs – Distributed Raspberry (s)Pis that can Track your Every Move.


No, this isn’t about a foul mouthed Chucky doll with a stalking complex. The ‘Creepy Distributed Object Locator’, or CreepyDOL for short, is a device cobbled together from a Raspberry Pi Model A, a USB hub and a couple of wifi dongles (housed in a non-descript case, the creator calls these F-BOMBs, or Falling Ballistically … Read more