Marshall Phone Looks and Sounds Like Their Iconic Guitar Amps

Marshall 'London' Smartphone

Marshall – the British makers of what would have to be the world’s most famous guitar amplifiers (for the non musical readers, that’s the stacked up grey boxes at the back of Guns ‘n Roses music videos) – have come completely out of left field and released a smartphone. It’s called ‘London’, and like most … Read more

How to Stop Your iPad or Macbook Ringing When Getting a Call on the iPhone

iOS 8 added a bunch of useful functionality and features to the iPhone and iPad, and it also added one ‘function’ that I find incredibly annoying – Continuity. Continuity ostensibly allows one to answer or ‘transfer’ an incoming call over to the device you happen to be closest to, i.e. if you’re farting about on … Read more